October 12, 2016

Do you own or work in a food tourism or culture business? Find out more about the exploding search for authenticity

touRRoir 16 will explore the search for authenticity, the single most significant movement in consumer behaviour today.

This is no more evident than in two of the world’s largest consumer markets – Food & Tourism.  The authenticity quest is being facilitated by ever accelerating technological breakthroughs and a seismic shift in power from producer to consumer as well as significant shifts in attitudes on sustainability, transparency & sourcing.

The rise of craft, crowd sourcing, responsible investing, consumer rating & influencing power combined with a reversal of scale advantage is resulting in a golden age for authentic small producers & service providers engaging directly with empowered consumers on their own terms in many sectors and most especially in Food and Tourism.

Witness also the increasing emergence of the Culture sector as not only good for the soul but also as a significant economic entity in its own right. Within Culture as well, authenticity has never been as much in demand and localised culture rooted in a true sense of people & place, history & ritual is increasingly been sought out and even expected by growing numbers of experience hungry consumers.

touRRoir 16 is the first dedicated global forum drawing Food, Tourism & Culture strands together to explore how best to harness this exploding search for authenticity for the long term benefit of all stakeholders – including for the consumers themselves!

Attendees will hear from world class practitioners and experts drawn from all three sectors in a unique exchange of experiences, expertise & learnings from both within and across the sectors.

They will also hear about what’s driving this consumer authenticity movement, examples of cross sector best practices – and maybe some worst practices – the disruptive technology developments facilitating and even driving change, and touRRoir will glimpse into a rapidly approaching future which at one level can look daunting, but also can be refreshingly familiar in terms of basic human desires and behaviours.

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