01 NOVEMBER 2016
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Jean-Michel Petit

Jean-Michel Petit is passionate about traveling and gastronomy. He is the co-founder and CEO of VizEat, Europe largest social dining platform. The idea for VizEat was born on the shores of the Lake Titicaca in Peru, while Jean-Michel was sharing a traditional meal with the local Indians.

Until 2012, he was the Director of Investments and a board member of London-based venture capital firm Eurovestech plc.

VizEat connects tourists and business travellers with local hosts around an authentic culinary experience – dinners, cooking classes, food tours, rooftop parties – at their home. It is a unique way to exchange with people from all around the world and to discover new cultures around food.

VizEat was founded in 2014 in France. In November 2015, VizEat organized with the Airbnb Open Conference the world biggest social dining event, with 1000 guests from 90 countries sharing a dinner in 150 parisian homes.

Today, VizEat has 120,000 members in 110 countries; the number of food experiences it offers has grown by 50% every month and its website/apps are now available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

The company partners in major cities with MICE agencies and events organizers looking for  curated and customized authentic culinary experiences.

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